Audio recorder issue with Brightspace

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I have this simple audio recorder:

It works pretty well on Chrome and Firefox on desktop as expected. Our school uses Brightspace as the learning platform. When I embed this audio recorder into a CONTENT page in Brightspace, I get this error message after I click RECORD using Chrome:

"Access to microphone is not allowed in your browser since this page is not served using HTTPS. Please contact the author, and ask him to make this available using HTTPS"

The same page works perfectly well in Firefox.

It feels like a Brightspace problem, but I want to ask if anyone has encountered similar issues before.

  1. Chrome and Firefox on desktop
  2. Embedded audio recorder in Brightspace does not work in Chrome, but works in Firefox




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Hi Bell,

Since you are embedding the content from you have to make sure that you allow the iFrame to access the microphone. This can be done by setting the following attribute on the iframe: allow="microphone". You can read more about this here: