Export H5P exercise preview to standalone HTML file

Hi everybody,

I'm programming a Moodle site, and I'm trying to export some H5P exercises to an SCORM file, but I can´t get it.

As I see, when I preview an exercise it need some php functionality, and as a SCORM is completly an offline stuff, it must have all that it need to run inside itshelf. My goal is to get an html file which contains texts and H5Ps exercises but without any server behind it. The student will use this H5p exercise as if it would be in a php server.

¿Is there any way to export an exercise to an standalone html file? (obviously with all javascripts and csss, and so on)

Best regards.

Greetings from Spain.

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What you are trying to do, is possible. But you would need programming skills to accomplish it. Unfortunately, we don't have any examples or documentation describing this yet.

If you figure out how to do this, we would be glad if you share it here :)