Bulk delete of existing content and bulk import of content

Hi, I have perhaps 500 H5P content on one site that I wish to delete totally....they are old/duplicates etc.  What would be the 'proper' way to do this....? I am worried that if i search for a folder and simply delete all instances of the content that somewhere else in my server databases will be screaming blue murder and it will become very messy.

Once I have a cleaned up my mess then I'd like to bulk import approx 250 h5p contents on to my main site from a sub domain....I know there isn;t a bulk import/export tool BUT is there a way I can do this through the back door so to speak?

Many thanks in advance.



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Hi MickyLuv,

Afaik there isn't a way to do this but if you can provide what system you are running maybe someone has done this before and provide us some tips.


Hi, I'm using wordpress and I think i might just end up using a complete website cloner / migration tool.....it'd be the quickest solution by far! Thanks.