Can't upload WebM Content

I'v got no Problems with uploading mp4 files, but somehow I can't upload WebM files.
WebM files are grayed out. 

I've set no restriction to fileformats on my wordpress site and I can upload WebM Files with the media manager just fine.

Can someone help?

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Hi olafhoops,

Would you mind sharing a link where we can download a sample WebM file that is having an issue.



I can't upload any WebM files. I tried to create my own with Premiere Pro and MiroVideoConverter and I tried to upload WebM Demo files I found online:
But every WebM file is just grayed out and doesn't seem to be supported.

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What do you mean when you say they are "greyed out" - are you not able to select them in the file dialog at all or is it an issue after uploading?

Sounds like it could be a local or browser issue.

I cant select .webm flies in the file dialog that pops up when uploading video files.

Shouldn’t be a browser issue because I can upload webm files withe the normal Wordpress mediamanager

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Do you mind sharing which OS and browser you're using?
I'm guessing you OS does no recognize .webm files as video files.
The WordPress MediaManager is not limited to only uploading only video, the video player is.

I have no problem selecting .webm files on Windows 10 in any of the browsers.