Drag the Words


I`am trying to use Drag the Words content type. My purpose of using this plugin is to create code trainer. For example, I want my users can drag code snippets to appropriate boxes with right sequence like this:

def fact(n):

    if n<=1:

          return 1


          return n*fact(n-1)



My question is that, how can I store this code snippets between "*"s with right indentation. Why this indentation important, because of the demand of programming language. How can I do this? or is there any other options to make trainers like mine.

The second question relates to amount of questions. How can I make multiple questions like above code with "Next" button. And of course showing the results at the end.

Thanks in advance

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Hi Mahir,

This is not possible not unless you make changes to the code. It is however, in theory possible by using Drag and Drop. It needs a bit of trial and error to get the position of the drop zones but it can be done. For multiple questions you can use Course Presentation to have multiple questions. I created a simple example here.