Creation of a 1-10 rating system in interactive video

Hi Im trying to create an interactive video usecase for Rap Battles on youtube - I want to create a interaction so that at any point in the video a viewer can rate the Bar that was just said between 1-10. Viewers can rate/vote an unlimited amount of times throughout the video & the winner of the battle is decided by which rapper recieved the most amount of ratings. Essentially the rating would be a data collection tool that would produce an A or B result based on the total amount of ratings recieved in sections 1,3,5 of the video as compared to sections 2,4,6 (The 6 Sections being each rapper's round in a 3 round battle).  Can anyone assist me with creating this? Not sure if i can do it with the Drag & Drop element or maybe the single choice element or if its even possible to do it within the interactive video (maybe im better off just creating the rating mechanism & embedding it alongside the video?) I attached a mockup version where i tried to create it using the drag n drop element, it should provide a visual example of what im trying to create.