Loding Semantics - image hotspot question

When editing the image hotspot question type we're getting the 'loading semantics' loader but nothing else. I've attached an image of the error in my console on chrome. Can anybody help?



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At least I can try to help :) I'l start off with some questions:

  • Which CMS are you using? (Drupal 7, right?)
  • Which version of the H5P plugin?
  • Are you editing an allready existing Image Hotspot, or are you trying to create a new one?
  • Are you having problems with other H5P content types aswell? Or only Image Hotspot?
  • In which browser are you seeing this? 
  • Have you tried in different browsers?
  • In the screenshot you have attached, I see the problem is on edit:1523. If you click on that, you will see what code is failing. If you take a screenshot, that might help us.

Thanks for reporting!


Hi Fnoks, thanks for the reply. Here's some answers to your questions

  • Yeh using Drupal 7
  • Version is 7.x-1.6
  • Tried both with the same problem. First tried to create one, then downloaded the berry example from the website and uploaded it. When editing this I ran into the same issue
  • Only having problems with Image Hotspot Question (Image Hotspot works fine too)
  • The console error I attached was in Chrome but I'm getting the issue in all up to date browsers. Console error in Firefox reads 'TypeError: Question is undefined'
  • I've attached a screenshot but it's not quite clear what code is being highlighted when I click edit:1523. It seems to just be highlghting the final line with no code on it 

Thanks :)


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Is it possible for me to get a temporary access to this H5P (in edit mode)? If so, you could send info in an email to me: pal.jorgensen at joubel.com