Issue with using H5P on Wordpress 4.7

I am able to install the plugin, I can go to the backend and see the libraries but when I try to add a new, i don't get the drop down to select the type of library i want to use.  I instead will get a "loading Libraries, Please wait..." with nothing happening. 

I've attached the errors I get when I use the F12 Console.  I did try some of the suggestions posted here but to no avail.  

The second screen shot is what the wordpress portal looks like when I tab from the name to create a new library. 

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Hi, can you try to re-add your attachments. They seem to be missing.

- Tom

Sorry 'bout that. Here's what i have.  Let me know if you would like anything else.

Thank you for looking into this.  :)

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It looks like you are getting 404's because your WP server isn't configured correctly. If you look at the urls (in red), they don't contain your domain.

Have a look at this page, on how to set your site's url.

- Tom

Hey there, first thanks for taking the time to look into this issue.  I did verify through the link that the site url is correct.  I even defined it in the wp-config.php file.   Here's another screenshot of a different Console result.  I see the Ajax popping up and I thought I read somewhere that it may be incompatiable with H5P?

I checked other parts of the site through console and I do see the full url. 

So we had a vendor take a look and they did the following to get it to work:

"As a quick-fix, we were able to hard-code the domain into the file loading the assets:
·  /wp-content/plugins/h5p/h5p-editor-php-library/scripts/h5peditor-editor.js  -- lines 169 and 171
The plugin now functions correctly on the live site, and no console errors are present."


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Hi Psalisbury,

I'm happy you are able to get it to work, but I'm sorry you had to take such a drastic step, as to have to change the code. That might come back to bite you, when you try to install an update, and the h5peditor-editor.js file is overwritten.

I recommend for you to double check the places where the domain is set, in the WP settings, if you have missed something.

Good luck!

- Tom

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I have a WP site and I have been seeking assistance to help me set this up so that I can create my e-learning courses. Since this has not been possible for well over a month now, I decided to just create my courses from the H5P site itself. Now is there any way for someone to assit me in this? Yes I have read every singel guide/toturial and still struggle. If I could just get the assistance to set it up properly I am sure that I can manage from there.  

Also I have asked many times if there was a way for me to embed my ppt courses to this authoring tool, but never got any response. Some response would be deeply appreciated. 

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I'm really sorry that your questions have not been answered. If you click on 'My Account' at the top of this page you will then be able to create H5P content types by clicking the button 'Create New Content'. Let me know if this isn't clear.

Could you elaborate on what you mean by embedding ppt courses into H5P? 


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Hello and thanks so much for reaching out.

I follwed your instructions and was able to get to where I can attampt to create my courses. 

Her is my delimma, I already created my e-learning course in ppt, but it needs some enhancement so what I guess I am aksing if there is away to use hat I already have to enhance it. I need to add menu, progress bars including play/pause/replay features, slider counter, help. I also would liket o apply suitable interactivity such as hotspots, rollovers, click & reveal and for the quiz section replace some of my t/f and multiple chioce with some drag & drops and maybe a few matching. My goal is to allow my course to be a self-paced on my WP site and also the ability to use it as an instructor led.

I was attempting to attach one of my modules to give you a clearer picture, but the system does not allow me to do so. About my ppt I am wondering if the goggle doc embedder will let me put it into a format that I can some how upload to the H5P and work on what I have? Any suggestions? 

I again thank you for reaching out and I will practice using the instructions you offered to see if I am able to last case senerio re-create the modules I have in ppt to the H5P

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that's great that you are now able to create some courses! 

I understand what you mean, it is extremely annoying to have already made content in ppt. Unfortunately, H5P wasn't designed to be able to import powerpoints and add enhancements to them. I'm afraid to say that in order to have H5P interactivity, you'll have to create the courses again on (or on your own Wordpress site). Note that H5P Course Presentation may not have all the features of powerpoint just yet so you may not be able to recreate your courses exactly as they are now. 

Do let me know if you would need any other guidance.

- Tim 

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Hi Tim,

Have you ever created any e-learning courses? If so I really would like to have a conversation with you. Please share an email addrees and/or if you would be okay with us having a chat. I could provide you with my contact # or you could provide me with yours and let's schedule a date and time that works for us both to have a discussion. 

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Hi, you can contact me from my profile page:

There should be a button labelled 'contact user' :)

Learnpress have 588,737 all time downloads, why h5p do not have learnpress integration? y use learnpress and I love h5p

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Hi dgasdasd!

Glad that you seem to like H5P -- in general. We do not have the ressources to support all the LMS solutions in the world, unfortunately. But H5P is open source software, and if the WordPress implementation doesn't suffice, the Learnpress community is warmly welcome to add a special integration.