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Hi there,

I have just created a Course Presentation and noticed that it comes with a 'Share on Facebook' once you reach the final results.

Personally I see no point in sharing anything with Facebook. As far as I'm concerned Facebook has nothing to do with my h5p activities and I do find it a bit odd that FB gets involved in my activities elsewhere especially without the option to unlink it to FB.

I came across another discussion here where another user asked about the link to FB, and you answered that I had to be removed in the CSS?

I have no access to our css (our admin is the only one who can do anything here).

Still - I would also find it more fair that it is the creator (of the h5p content) who decides these things rather than letting it be part of the css.

So would it be possible to either totally remove the autogenerated 'hook-up' to FB (in the css) and let the creator (in this case me) decide whether or not to link my content to FB or at least get a tick box where you can decide whether to link it to FB or not?

And is this something you could consider changing?

Thank you so much.



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Hi Trille!

You can deactivate sharing in the Social Settings within the Behavioral Settings for Course Presentations.


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Hi Oliver,

That's great - thanks a lot for that, and sorry for having missed that option (my bad) :).