Files corrupting for no apparent reason

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I use Presentation to create a series of versioned hotspot-based quizzes. Some of the image files I upload and then overlay with hotspots are disappearing. It's seemingly random with the same image appearing in one instance and then unable to display in another. Do you have any idea why this might be happening?
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Hi Jim,

In order to give your bug report the best chance of getting answered, please include the following information:

  1. Detailed steps to reproduce the bug (exactly how and when did it happen)
  2. Platform and version number. E.g. Drupal, Wordpress, Moodle.
  3. Mobile or Desktop
  4. Browser: Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc
  5. H5P plugin version
  6. H5P content type and version (if a content type was used), and a sample URL or attached H5P.
  7. Any browser console errors
  8. Any PHP errors
  9. Screenshots if it's a visual problem

The more information you provide, the quicker the community will be able to fix it and the quicker you'll have a working solution!


1. I'm not sure what information you require here? As I mentioned previously, I create quiz images within InDesign which I upload to h5p and use the hotspots within Presentation to create interactive quizzes. My client then hosts these on their site. A certain number of (seemingly random) images will upload and be visible and in perfect working order (small png files, never anywhere near the h5p limit) and then a few hours later. They simply fail to load (screenshots below).  I've now re-uploaded these images FIVE times and have missed deadlines all because of this. I've tried:

 - Re-saving the files- Re-naming the files- Deleting and replacing the h5p slide they appear in Nothing works. There's absolutely no reason for them to do so. As I create versioned quizzes for different audiences, in some instances, the EXACT SAME image will appear in one quiz and fail to load in another.  2. No platform. The issue occurs within my account on the h5p site. 3. Both 4. Chrome & Safari (I don't use firefox) 5. NA. The issue is on the h5p site - before they even make it to my client's website. 6. Presentation  (slide 5) 7. See Screenshot. 8. NA 9. Attached


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Hi jimlacey,

We've had some issues with some of the test accounts when uploading new files. The files were never marked as permanent. This issue should be fixed now and any files you upload will not disappear anymore. Apologies for the inconvenience.

If you're using your test account for professional purposes I highly recommend that you consider using instead.