Where are the H5P libraries located in Moodle?

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I have installed H5P on a local Moodle site and on local (and online) WordPress sites.

In WP, the W5P libraries are located in [wpsite]/wp-content/uploads/h5p. But I can't find them in Moodle. Also, in WP it's possible to delete those libraries which are not used, but I don't see a delete icon/link in Moodle. Why?

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In Moodle, files are handled by the Moodle API, and they are found in "/moodledata/filedir". The filenames are hashed, so you would need to query the database to figure out the location and filename. The delete functionality has not been implemented for  Moodle yet, but you do have the possibility to configure which content types the authors may use.


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I'm using H5P in WordPress and it works great. Now I'm also using it in Moodle.

In WP (Dashboard > H5P Contents > All H5P Contents) there's a "repo" of every interactive content that has been created. There I can go, locate contents, find their ID and reuse them multiple times in different posts (i.e. learning units).

Moodle, on the other hand, has its own Question Bank, but here there are only Moodle's activities.

So I was wondering if there's a sort of H5P interactive contents bank, or repo, that allowed me to reuse contents that I have already created.

I've looked for it but I didn't succeed, I've also read some documentation...

Any help?



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In Moodle, each interactive content is directly attached to an activity so there is no question bank.
One way to achieve what you want may be to have different dummy courses with H5P activities and then import from those into your real courses.

Also, it's worth mentioning that there is some copy and paste capabilities coming to H5P very soon which should make reuse a bit simpler. In the future, we hope to get a bank/repo of interactive content into all the H5P plugins.