Workflow for Moodle + H5P

I already know the answer to this: I will have to get my hands dirty and do some installing and playing.

What is a typical workflow with H5P?  I have a course I'd like to deploy with a nice looking style, video, larger print etc.  Five modules.  Each with some text, some image galleries, something like a timeline, some video with a few questions at the end.

How do people generally go about planning this sort of thing?  Does anyone have any advice, maybe a storyboard or something that works with HP5 (and Moodle)


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Hi Derek,

You do not say how experienced you are with Moodle. As a long-time moodler I would consider H5P activities as an add-on to main Moodle activities. If you have not already done so I suggest registering to the Moodle forums and asking your questions there.

There is no dedicated Moodle forum for H5P yet, but you could try this general forum: