What's with the recent Upload/File Size Limits? Almost unusable

I've been told via a developer (after discovering a limit of 120-130mb through trial and error) that this size limit was recently introduced.

For me, it's a game changer (in a bad way). Now I have to make files 10-12 minutes long to get under this limit in our current format, instead of chopping up videos where topics end more naturally. (Thus interrupting the flow of lectures and making quizzes at the end of videos/units not work anywhere near as well).

Actually had me looking for another format instead of H5P - is this likely to change back like it was middle of last year any time soon?

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Hi David,

H5P has no file size limit but it does take into consideration limits set by the hosting provider. Are you self hosting a WordPress, Drupal or Moodle site? If that is the case there is probably a configuration file where you can change the limit.