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I am quite new to both h5p and moodle, but I am extremely excited by the possibilities the combination promises. I'm running into one techncial challenge, however, and I am wondering if there is an obvious solution that I am just not aware of.

I run a distance education program that is thoroughly bilingual (English and Nepali). I see that it is possible to translate the h5p interface (and we'll be starting our contribution on that very soon), but I haven't been able to figure out how to offer content in two language simultaneously. Moodle offers relatively easy language switching built in at a low level via its filter architecture, but I can't tell if it is possible to apply these filters to h5p content.

Either way, any tips on how I might use h5p activities in a bilingual site?

Thanks in advance,


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Hi Peter,

The H5P plugins language is dependent on the host framework (in your case Moodle), provided that the language files exist in its libraries otherwise it will be in English. Having said this if there is Nepali language files or if you contribute the necessary translations then the content editors will automatically change once you change the language in the Moodle. 

For more details in translating contents you can head over to this page. If you have any questions feel free to post in the forums.


Hi BV52, thanks for your reply!

I read the page you linked, but I'm afraid I'm not quite following. Perhaps we're using the word "content" to refer to different things? I understand the process for translating the h5p interface, and we're setting up a work environment for doing just that. My question, however, was about the content that *I* generation. If I design a set of quiz questions to go inside an interactive video, for example, I need to be able to offer the questions and answers to my students in both English and Nepali (based on whichever language they have selected in their user profile). I apologize if I missed it, but I couldn't find anything about that in the link you sent. Is it possible?


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Hi Peter,

Thank you for the clarification. Afaik this is not possible since the contents that are created are inside as Iframe and it cannot be translated automatically.


just like in moodle, in the editors you can use {mlang} to show in different languages depending on site language. Is it possible to use multi language filter in H5P editor?


What you can do, if you want to have multilang content in H5P, is what I do already:

  1. Create the H5P activity (file .h5p)
  2. Translate it to the other language(s) you want to offer in the same course (one .h5p file for each language)
  3. Add a type page activity to the course.
  4. Now you can add each .h5p file to each {mlang xx}{mlang} "container". For example:

{mlang ne}
[embedded h5pfileinNepali.h5p file here]
{mlang en, other}
[embedded h5pfileinEnglish.h5p file here]

I hope this helps you.

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This is not possible but you can suggest/request for this feature.

 In order for your feature request to attract as much interest as possible make sure it follows the below guidelines:


  1. It is clear from every perspective how the feature will work. We recommend describing the feature with one or more user stories, for instance “As an author, I want it to be possible to pick between different effects for the check answer animation so that the learner will see a variety of effects and also I can adapt the effects to my target audience(I’ll be using pink unicorns which works really well for both my target audience which are 4 year old girls and venture capitalists)”

  2. If the feature can be illustrated with images or videos it always helps

  3. Make it clear what content types this is relevant for, and or if this is a new content type


Make sure you post the feature in the Feature Request forum.