Best environment for h5p centered learning experience

I've been using H5P to host interactive video's which i host within a wordpress site and simply embed them on my clients websites. However, i would like to take the next step by allowing for user registration and keeping user statistics on the courses we offer. However, i run into problems when trying to setup the exact user flow that i would like to have. It find that Wordpress, Joomla and Moodle all have their pro's and con's for what I am trying to achieve and i'd appreciate some tips and pointers on how to proceed and choose the best system for setting this up. 

The ideal user scenario i have is as follows:

  1. user landing (registration -> redirect to step 2 / login existing user -> redirect to step 4)
  2. start course (one h5p interactive video with a range of interactive elements)
  3. post-video examination (10 questions)
  4. show course status, download certificate -or- restart course -or- retake post-video examination

Ideally i would host a whole set of said course's within one install, but starting out with multiple installations would be fine too. The question i'm facing now is what system i could best use for this scenario. Im familiar with all three systems but for this particular scenario i'm  at a loss. Any tips, pointers or links to websites that function in a similar way would be very appriciated.


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Hi baskoole,

Items 2-4 (except the certificate part) should be achievable by using the upcoming content branching scenario. For item one I think this would be outside H5P and if anyone has experience with a similar approach your insight would be much appreciated.


The content branching scenario sounds very nice, i'll keep an eye out for that. I dont necessarily need these features to be incorporated within H5P, i'm primarely wondering what CMS and eventual plugins/modules would be best suited to setup this scenario.