Icons missing on editor in Moodle

I have installed H5P under Moodle.  When I try to add an interactive lesson all of the icons for the editor are missing.



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Hi Barry,

Did you get any wierd error messages during installation?

Which system are you on?

  • Version of Moodle
  • Browser
  • Server OS

- Tom

I am sorry that I did not give you more information.  The moodle version is 3.1.  I am using Chrome and this is hosted by 1&1 on a "wordpress" server.  There did not appear to be any error messages at install, but when you look at the screen when creating a new activity there is a library error message.  The screen shots are attached.  I do have an Opigno site on the same server which looks fine.  I am trying to determine the best LMS tool to use for my project.

Thanks again.

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Thank you for reporting your error. It seems very strange, and we've not seen this before. Can you see in your console log, if there are any error messages?

- Tom