H5P video support

Has there been any interest in getting H5P video support into Adapt?



Seems pretty useful for e-Learning. Currently its available in Moodle. 


Wondering if anyone has put any effort into creating a component that utilizes this kind of interactive stuff. 

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Hi tutu10,

Afaik there isn't anyone working on this. The good thing about H5P is that it is open source so you or anyone in the community can create the necessary plugin.


I uploaded an image, then added the 3 words to be dropped.

However, on review the words are not dragable!

Can anyone help please?

Also, I uploaded another quiz to my Wordpress site and some days later it just appeared as a pdf which cannot be clicked on!

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Hi CarolineG,

Please follow the steps below when creating a Drag & Drop activity with multiple drop zones and multiple draggables:

  1. Create the drop zones

  2. Create the draggables and place a check on the drop zones you would the draggable to be dragged into. This does not indicate the correct answer but only tells the content where you want to allow the draggable to drop.

  3. Edit the drop zones to place a check on the correct draggables.


You can also check this simple video on how to create a D&D with multiple drop zones and draggables.

For the other concern I'm not really sure what is happening. Would you mind providing more details such as the following:

  1. Content type used
  2. Where did you download the content
  3. Screenshot of the issue

Additional tip: When reporting issues it is a good practice to provide as much information as suggested on this forum. In most cases the information will provide the community clues to what is causing the issue or at least a way to reproduce the issue.