New "developer" forum needed?

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I do not know where to post questions related to development, as there is currently no dedicated forum here.

Question: When I pull a request, which H5P github branch should I select to fork: master / release / stable ?

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Hm, yes indeed, we should add a forum for more question of a more technical nature.

Regarding your question, 'master' is where the main development happens(edge), i.e. features that have been reviewed or doesn't have a separate branch, 'release' is only used right before a release to prevent any new features(surprises) and to focus on bug fixing, and 'stable' is used only for code that has been released. So, 'master' is usually where you start a form from, but you can use 'stable' as well if you want to avoid any surprises. However, you should try to merge in master before creating a pull request as it would save others from work. If you get any conflicts and you're uncertain about the outcome you can skip this step.

Let me know if any part of this was unclear :-)