"course presentation" : quotes are converted to html (')

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I have a problem when I create a "single choice question" in an interactive content : "course presentation" : quotes ( ' ) are converted to & #039; ( screenshot )

I googled for hours and found topics related to CKEditor (editing the settings.js file) or PHP configuration or ... but the problem still remains :-/

Is it related to the h5p.classes.php file (htmlentities?)

Has anyone faced this problem please?

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Thank you for reporting this problem. We're working on a new release now and this issue has been added as a blocker for that release.
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This issue for Single Choice Set was fixed in the following commit at github.

The latest release of our libraries should fix this issue. You can get the latest version of our libraries at the bottom of this page: https://h5p.org/update-all-content-types

It will also explain how to update your content. Hope you are enjoying your experience with H5P :)

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Hey guys, thx a lot, it works! 

Yes Thomasmars I enjoy H5P (with Drupal), it rocks! :) 

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