Timeline bug? "Building dates"

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Hi, it seems that my previous forum post was not posted. So, I will try again: I am having issues with the timeline content when trying to add larger dates, like -400000 B.C. or -3300000 B.C. - I think it might be a bug, it keeps telling me "Building dates" when I try to view the content and now it said that someone else is changing my content and I cannot save it... Strange... 

I would really appreciate your help on this,

Thank you very much,


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Hi Marina,

I apologize you had to post this multiple times. In order to make sure that no spams gets through all new posts are not published. But don't worry the forum moderators checks these posts regularly.

For your original question, "After running some tests, it looks like the content cannot handle years in millions. I have filed a bug report and you can follow the progress here."

The "building dates" message you are seeing is supposedly a loading screen. Although for this case it will not push through since the content cannot handle the dates. Furthermore the "someone else is changing my content and I cannot save it" message usually happens when you have opened another tab in edit mode for the same content. I've also seen this happen when the browser failed to release the cache of the editor and usually gets resolved by closing/re-opening the browser.