How do I delete a Summary Task in an Interactive video?

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I can’t seem to delete a Summary task in an interactive video, but I don’t want to use one now that the Submit screen is here.  Here’s what I do to try to delete a Summary task:

I delete all the Answer texts, I click the blue X next to Set of statements,  I erase the Title and Introductory Text, then scroll down and click Save and Display in the wider Edit Settings page.


When I come back to the Summary Task tab, it has replaced the Introductory text and the Title with what I erased. Now, the Summary Task doesn’t appear, but is it counted as part of the grade?  And, is there a better way to actually delete a summary task such that it’s clear that it has been removed? TIA, cheers!

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Hi crossbow42,

After doing some testing, you are correct the Intro text and title comes back. You are also correct that it will not show anymore and it will not be counted as part of the score. I've also created a request to the core team to have clear way of deleting the Summary Task since currently we can delete it through the steps you mentioned above but it acts like a bug with the intro and text coming back. You can follow the progress here.


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I also would like to delete the summary slide. When i tried to delete the title, I received the prompt that the field had to have content.

How do issues like this get resolved? Is it all done by users or does H5p have a professional team?


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Hi E.McGraw-Austin,

You can ignore this message and save your content.