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how can I include   youtube parameters in the video. For example:rel=0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen

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Hi 8722706!?

You can't. But you have quite some options in H5P. What feature are you looking for in particular?

thank you, for your answer. 

for example,modestbranding=1 and  rel=0



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In H5P, the parameter rel is set to 0 by default. I might take a look into modestbranding. Right now, it is not set at all.

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I checked H5P video by explicitly setting modestbranding=1. It removes the YouTube logo if you simply embed a video in an iframe, but you cannot remove the YouTube logo that's shown if you use your own (H5P's) controls and you pause the video. Everything works as documented by YouTube.

So, using H5P, you have set rel=0 anyway and setting modestbranding=1 wouldn't change anything. It seems that you already have the best you can get even without having the option to tweak those parameters yourself.

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That is correct. Thank you for sharing :-)