Activity not being marked as complete

I am trying to add a multiple choice question with only two answers.

Grade category

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Activity completion is set to

Completion tracking : Show activity as complete when conditions are met

Require view :Student must view this activity complet it  Require grade: Student must receive a grade to complete this activity      But once the user marks the right answer, the activity is never marked as complete    Can someone help me?   
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Are you using Moodle?

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Hi papi Jo,

I am assuming he/she is using Moodle.


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Would you mind attaching a screenshot of the "Activity Completion" settings in Moodle. What you mentioned above are the choices but it is unclear whether or not you have them checked.


I have attached the screenshot


Please refer to the attached file.

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We are not able to reproduce this, it works fine here. Does activity completion work for other tasks, e.g. Moodle Quiz ? Please make sure you have set up cron properly and refer to the Moodle troubleshooting guides if you're continuing to see this problem

If it still doesn't work, and is working fine for other activities, please provide detailed specs of your server and steps to reproduce this for a fresh install.

Hi Thomas,

To be more clear,

we are trying to force the user to watch video 2 only if video 1 has been watched till the end.

But when the user clicks the link for video 1 the link for for video 2 is automatically available on the navigation panel.

I beleive it assumes that the video has been watched once the user clicks the link for video 1.

Please give us a solution to resolve this.

In the screenshot attached,

The user has still not watched the current video, but the link for the next video is already available on the navigation panel.

How do i make the link on the navigation panel availabe to the user only after the user watched the video till the end.


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Is this an Interactive Video ? Interactive Video is only considered "completed" when an answer has been submitted through the score screen by the user (when there are interactions within it). There is currently no way to force a user to watch a video to the last second to unlock a different video.
How do you imagine  such a feature would work ? Wouldn't the learner just be able to skip the video to the end to get to the next video ?

Best, Thomas

Hi Thomas,

Thanks for the response.

Yes it is an interactive video. I was expecting for such a possibilty because I can prevent the user from skipping the video by hiding the navigational bar. Ultimately I am forcing the user to watch till the end but need to make sure the next video link is available only after the video has been watched till the end.

Also if that is not a possibilty , Is there a way to auto submit the answers once they hit continue rather than to submit the answers because currently my users are hitting three buttons Check , Continue and Submit Answers to pass the grade and mark as activity complete.

Is there an option to pass the grade when the users hit the Check or Continue button instead?

I am attaching the screenshots of the process. Thanks in advance for your assistance.

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Hi, the user has to press the "submit" button to submit their answer, and thus mark the activity as completed, and that is only available if you have an interaction, so they indeed have to hit three buttons.
If you have some developer resources you can hook into the functionality of the content type and build some custom logic for this, otherwise there is no way to send the completion event unfortunately.

In follows to the above issue we are facing the same issue

May be lack of knowledge in H5p

i set up 3 interactive questions in the h5p interactive video and set a completetion criteria as Student must receive a grade to complete this activity

how to set up this? i tried many way and couldnt success to make completion by setting Student must receive a grade to complete this activity

we are using point grading system so each activity has its own grade points

i set up and tried Student must view this activity to complete it option and its working and giving access to next activity

but in this case student not completing the full video


please help me how to accompltish the activity completion by answering all the questions and submitting the answers at end


Thank you