hp5 in wordpress front

Hi is it possible to edit or create a H5p content from WP front ?
If not, is is possible to add the "add H5p" button in WP article edit in front ?


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Hmmm.... I'm not very familiar with wp and the rest of the team has gone home for the night. What do you mean by wp front?

Sory for delay...
I want user can create content directly from front as you do here : https://h5p.org/node/add/h5p-content.

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I guess you could create a link from your front page to wp-admin/admin.php?page=h5p_new ?

Thanks for your answer, but in this case user will go in admin, and this is what i don't want.
I really want registered users create or edit their content without admin access...all from front.
No matter, i will try severals things and i'll hope find a solution.
If i'll reach my goal, i'll share with h5p community !
Thanks again.
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I understand. Probably this question should be asked in the wordpress community. H5P is using the WP built-in permission system.

i'll ask.