Disappearing content folder


This is an odd one... recently, the entire h5p content folder disappeared: https://[domain]/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/h5p/content/XXX/[filename]). The folders up to https://[domain]/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/h5p/ exist, but the content/ folder and its subsequent id number folders containing assets are gone. Every image, audio file, and video file in use by our over 300 pieces of h5p content is now missing. 

I'm trying to determine how this happened and was hoping you might have some insights. We're running WordPress v5.0.3 and h5p v1.11.3 (it was after the upgrade to that version that we noticed the missing content). Can you think of any reason why the folders might have disappeared? Does any part of the plugin upgrade sequence touch these folders?

Thanks in advance for your help - please let me know if you need more information.


Update: I replaced several of the content folders from a backup I had - but now I am unable to upload media to any of the pieces of h5p content - or to new pieces of content. Folder permissions indicate that I should be able to read and write to the subfolders in the content/ folder. Have you see anything like this? - Thanks, Mark

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Hi Mark,

The plugin upgrade or cron doesn't touch any of these files so if they have been removed it's likely another plugin or software running some sort of cleanup of files it doesn't find the reference to. I've heard of another user having a similar issue a while back but I don't think he figured out what it was. I'll keep you updated if I hear about something related to this.

I have the same problem as Mark. It started by disappearance of many of the subfolders containing the images uploaded into H5P, then all the content folder disappeared next day. I checked with Pressidium where I host my site, and there is nothing from their side that deletes any files - and that sounds logic - a host cannot just delete files in a hosted website - and I don't have a lot of plugins to point to any of those as the cause - I have really the main ones: LearnDash, Buddyboss, GamiPress. So now none of my H5P creation is working. That's a serious problem - I currently have H5P version 1.14.1. Can you please advise? Many thanks