Featuring 3rd party platform integrations on h5p.org?


Hey everyone,

I hope this is the right forum to post this to :)
As you might have noticed, I developed a platform integration plugin for H5P into the Neos content application platform (https://neos.io). Since it works very well and I would like to continue to support it, I was wondering whether you'd be interested in featuring this platform integration on h5p.org - possibly under a section "3rd party plugins" or similar, since you are not developing it yourself. I'd be happy to contribute any content you might need for it.

Additionally, would you be interested in getting some feedback regarding the difficulty of implementing this integration, and a few suggestions/ideas on how to make life easier in that area? I collected some notes/experiences while doing the integration that I'd be happy to share with your backend devs if you are interested :)