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Hi, I've searched in the forum and did not found any solution, so I decides to ask.

I've a moodle course with several moodle native activities and also a lot of h5p activities. I'm using the course presentation format, cause I want to navigate on a presentation and not make a single activitie. 

The problem is, when the presentation finish, I don't have a friendly way to navigate from the 'course presentatio 1' to the next course presentation or the next activity, so the user need to go back and decide the next step.


So, the question is : 

Exist in h5p any way to navegate from one activity to the other.


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There is currently no "native" way for an author to say that an H5P should navigate directly to another on a given action. However, if you have some developer resources it should be possible to achieve your desired functionality through H5P hooks and listening to xAPI events. A simple implementation would typically be listening for the 'completed' or 'answered' xAPI event in Course Presentation, then navigating to a different URL (H5P node) when this happens.

A different approach would be to create a pull request for this feature so the whole community could benefit from this functionality. However, I suspect the implementation is not completely straight forward. There are some software design concerns when navigating to other H5Ps, since H5Ps does not typically have any information about their ecosystem. A compromise could be to allow "triggers" that would fire upon actions (a more general implementation of the previously suggested solution) however this can be hard to make user friendly and sufficiently powerful at the same time.

- Thomas