Mark the Words using HTML code for space

Hello - we've created several Mark the Words activities wihtin H5P course presentation -0 when more than one word was used - we used the HTML code &#32 for a space - and all was fine with months. Now it doesn't work anymore. The actual code is showing up in the exercises. 

any idea how to fix, or why this is all of a sudden happening? thank you!

&#32 shows in question

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Unfortunately, the trick here was using a bug in Mark the Words to "bind" words together. This is not something that has been officially supported, and when the bug was fixed this trick stopped working.

I recommend creating a feature request for adding some sort of special character or symbol that can be used to "bind" words into one.

thanks for your response. I do notice that the gub is fixed on the H5P site. However, it doesn't work for me (to simply add a space) on our Moodle site. Was that bug fixed very recently? (if so, upating our plugin may fix that, though we just updated it last week). 

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Hi akaskens,

Adding a space in Mark the Words is not possible by design. The workaround by using the HTML code for space is a bug and has been fixed. As icc has suggested to post a feature request to have a special character to "bind" words together.