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I'm using moodle as a LMS and I'm creating all my interactive content with your plattform.

The problem is when the user finish an activity, there is no way to continue with other activity or a link to the course, so as a workaround I decided to embed aeach h5p activity  inside a moodle lesson...

but the moodle plugins don't have an option to get the embed code of the activities.
So I tried to upload my activities in this site, in order to get the embed code,but seems that It's not allowed also, so I'm stucked in the middle, I do not want to create again all my content in h5p  just to get the embed content ... 

Any suggestion is well welcomed :) 

Also if some know how to navigate between h5p activities would be great !

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Embed for Moodle is a much requested feature, so it is likely to get attention soon.
See this thread and the Moodle github repository to follow along the development of embed for Moodle.

- Thomas

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It would be great :)