Is it possible to export all my libraries from one Moodle instance and import to another?

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We are a school network, and we have a few instances of Moodle ofr various audiences. Sometimes we have to copy courses from one Moodle instance to to another (via backup/restore). These courses include h5p activities.

Since each h5p activity relies on a specific version of library, we sometimes encounter problems during the restore process: when we try restoring a course into a Moodle instance that has a different version, we get errors and the course can't be restored because the needed version doesn't exist there.

Is there a way to export all my libraries from one instance and import them on another, so all activities can be restored seamlessly on all of our Moodle instances?

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The backup/restore functionality for H5P is not finished as advocated on the plugin page, however I'm sure it will come soon as there is plenty of interest around the issue. While waiting it is possible to download/export each H5P individually through the "download" button, or create a script all your H5Ps.

- Thomas