What's the recommended way to create a H5P package for publication?

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I'd like to update my Advanced Blanks content type (review is pending) and I have to create a new H5P package for this. Last time I manually copied all the dependency libraries into a zip file and added the content. Just downloading an h5p file from my development installation doesn't work for me because I check out the master branch of the libraries and thus don't have the correct files. Also, I'm afraid that the packaging process will include unwanted files, which might cause validation issues when uploading the package to a site later. So I'm stuck with manually creating the packages.

I wonder how the core team create their .h5p packages? Do you use the h5p-cli tool? 


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Hi Sebastian,

That is correct, we use the h5p-cli pack command for single libraries that are uploaded to the Libraries page of the plugins.
It has support for the .h5pignore file where you can choose to ignore certain files.