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I'm trying to figure how to get  simple text scrolling bars  in a presentation slide.  It scroll in the editor but not outside.  I tried  with html and plain text without success...Am I missing something?

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You are trying to add long texts to one Course presentation slide, and there are no scrollbars so the text gets cut off, is that correct=?

I tried it with HTML and plain without success...

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Yeah, ok, I think this is by design, we will reconsider this for our next release. I don't remember why it is this way. Might be that we add a scroll bar option. Thank you for reporting!

Thanks. In a context of self teching courses, long texts are really likely to occur, so automatic scroll would be very handy. 

BTW, may I that I *love* H5P and that I congratulate the team for this exciting tool I was looking for since a long time...


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Gentlemen, I can see I'm not the only one missing that feature. Is there a way to make a scroll-bar in the text element? Just like in all other elements.

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Sure, if anyone adds a config option for this, with the default being now scroll, we will merge it in. The code must live in Course Presentation, not in text.

You can get scrolling text by inserting a table (in the course presention) - then making only a one column table - add a long text (in the row area) and it will generate a scroll bar. 

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Thanks akaskens for tip.

When creating the table make sure that you have the column size will fit your desired width. It doesn't automatically adjust and you will end up with a truncated text.


Thanks, good idea I didn't figured...

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I believe we can acheive a scroll bar on text within course presentation, If additional css is added using the "h5p mods plugin". It's possible to change the default css for the course presentation text to ensure scroll bar displays (vertifcally) when the text content is too long for it, or maybe auto-scroll by adding this css (not sure if the !important is needed, probably is...):

.h5p-course-presentation .h5p-element .h5p-element-outer.h5p-advancedtext-outer-element, .h5p-course-presentation .h5p-element .h5p-element-outer.h5p-audio-outer-element {
    overflow-y: scroll !important;

Although a better option is the add this in the configuration to default as 'scroll' with an option to deselect (uncheck).

This feature request would get my vote! :-)


It's also very disappointing there's no source html editor.... Pasting content often carries across the html in the backgroun, with no option to edit the source or to clean-up html. But that's a whole different issue.