Compatibility and Shared account Pricing options

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Compatibility of and and Shared account Pricing options

Hey there,

we want to use as a central platform for our university. Different organisations will be involved here, but they will all use the same platform to collect their content (as example

Here we have some questions:

- Can content generally be transferred or inserted from to And if yes: Is it necessary for every user/organization to register on and pay the fee even though they want to use an excisting URL to host? 

- Can there be a shared main account for a university, which can then be used by several organisations for a total price? This option would be interesting for us.

Thanks and best wishes




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Hi Barbara,

Thank you for reaching out.

  • Today content may be downloaded from and uploaded to In a few weeks you'll be able to transfer all your content to with a few clicks.
  • One account can have any number of users as you probably now, and we'll also add user groups. If you want separate organization accounts on in one contract that is also possible and something we've done in the past. We have one contract covering 8 universities for instance, with each university having their own organization account. There is however no connection between these 8 accounts. They are separate, they are just covered by one contract and they pay less for users who have access to all the university accounts.