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I have finally got my head around course presentation feature. I have named the course and so far have completed session 1 of the course. There are five more sessions to do yet.

My question is, do I start a new course presentation and call it session 2 or how can I lay it out so that the course flows from session to session? I hope this makes sense. I have a Drupal 7 website with Opigno and H5P installed.

I am a teacher for an online teaching organization, and they use Moodle and they layout 12 discrete weekly lessons as shown in the attachment.

Is there some way to do something similar with my system?

Thank you for any help.

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I'm not familiar with Drupal or Opigno but this is what you could do for a seamless flow from a Course Presentation (CP) #1 to a CP #2, etc. on any platform. On the last slide of CP #1 insert a Link (Click and drag to place link) to CP #2, etc.

Tested in WP.

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Thank you, this is a good suggestion.

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Hi! I'm glad to hear that you're using the Course Presentation tool. 

Regarding linking the courses together, the only way you could do it inside the interactive/H5P part is the way papi Jo is suggesting here. Any other linkage between the content nodes would have to be something Drupal/Opigno support on their platform. I'm not very familiar with Opigno but have some experience with Drupal. What I think I would do is use the 'book' feature of Drupal where you can link together any content like they were pages in a book. There's some more info on that here:

Drupal is a very powerful platform so there is probably numerous ways of achieving what you want. I recommend doing some research on linking nodes together.


I'm also facing the task to link between multiple H5P contents, not necessarily all course presentations. H5P is installed on a Moodle site.

I tried the suggestion with adding a link at the last slide - thanks for that. Generally this works, however the link always opens a new window. How can I get it to switch to the next content in the existing window? Links in other moodle activities open in the same window.

Thanks for your help



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Hi! I believe you should be able to link/chain any activities in Moodle, not just H5Ps. Unfortunately, I'm not able to find the details on how this is done – I believe it was called Lessons?

Alternatively, if you insert Text into your presentation you could use the Link button here which allows you to set Target, which can be 'Same Window'. Which would make your link less awkward. 


Hi icc,

thanks for the fast response. 

The Moodle Lesson is a separate activity, I can't use H5P Content inside al lesson (or I didn't find this option till now)

Anyhow, your second suggestion works. I always tried 'add link', which has no target option. The link via 'insert text' seems to do what I need.

Thank you very much.