Importing an H5P content from 1 website to another



I currently have H5P installed on a drupal 7 website and when I try to import content from this website to another one, I am getting many errors like you can see in the screen capture.

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I tried uploading your H5P and was able to reproduce the issue. It seems that the H5P content validator does not accept the language that you have set in your Drupal installation. I have created an issue for looking into this at , but I do not know when this will get priority.

In the mean time you can fix this by changing your language code from "en-MEC", to something that does not contain a hyphen, e.g. "en".

Thanks again for reporting this, I'll make sure the thread is updated when the fix is in place.

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Hello Thomas,

Thx for your help. I was able to export the h5p content via another language and import back into another drupal website. For info this is being done on the Drupal Opigno distribution.

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Excellent, glad that worked out for you. We will fix this soon.