Background Color & Image

How to setup background color or image?

Missing functions

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For Course Presentation I assume. Nobody has contributed these features yet, and the H5P Team haven't had the time to implement them either, but we hope it will get there soon.

One more thing about using existing images in the library.  As I use wordpress and images are generally stored in the media libray.   However, to include an image in H5P,  the only option is to upload a new image file again.  No option to select an image from the library which is a pain.

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Thanks a lot for reporting. Your feedback is very valuable in terms of letting us know what to focus on. We have looked into this, and it is very hard for other plugins to use the Wordpress media library in new contexts. We're planning to have our own content browser allowing you to reuse all parts of H5Ps including media, but it will take some time for us to get there.