I need a clue how to start


Hi all! And thank you very much for letting me be part of the community. I was looking at the forum and did not find a clue how I could do what I describe. It is an electrical circuit of a kitchen. Where in a panel with checkboxes, the user will be adding appliances and loads to the circuit. At the end of the exercise, press the check button and check that it is overloaded. That is to say that for that circuit designed for 120w, the user is overloading it. You have to try again and the moodle must know when it is successful to pass the test.



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Hi elitoqac,

This looks like a task for Drag and Drop. Although there are 2 things that will be missing. First I saw on the video that everytime an appliance is drops the watt counter gets updated afaik this won't be possible with the current features of DnD. The other missing feature is for Moodle to know if the score has passed. However there is a thread that talks about this: https://h5p.org/node/93091/