Where is information entered by the user stored?

Some interactions that I've been using on Wordpress/LearnDash (eg Essay, Interactive Video) seem to 'remember' what the learner entered, whether or not they have xAPI. Where is this information stored? It doesn't seem to be in web cache, because it's still there after I clear my cache.


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Hi Neil,

I'm not reallu sure where it is saved but if you want to clear the information you can uncheck the "save content state" in the H5P settings. Please note that by doing this all saved data will be wiped out.


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Hi Neil!

It is stored in your host system's database (table: h5p_contents_user_data) if the "save content state" option is activated in the plugin settings and the user using the content is logged in. Saving the content state has nothing to do with xAPI.



I assume, saving state has nothing to do with xAPI in H5P, but xAPI DOES support state save & restoration using the /state APIs.

Any plans for that?

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Hi Viaziar!

You are correct, saving the state in H5P has nothing to do with xAPI. Regarding any future plans, I cannot comment on anything, because I am not part of the H5P core team but just a community member with seemingly too much free time.


Oh, bummer. But thanks for your input