Downloading individual .h5p libraries


Just some feedback about your download buttons on the main website. e.g. this page:

We had three people trying to find the 'Download .h5p file' link and after 10 minutes we gave up.One of your colleagues (from a different support thread) kindly pointed it out in the end (Download under the main video). Anyway, its not at all obvious, you could do with a large 'Download .h5p Library' button somewhere near the top of this page. thanks, and keep up the good work




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Thank you for reporting! I understand that you got the help you needed, and to help others we will look into this next time we update

any update for this sir?

We are going to use h5p in our project, but it's not stable to access from China. so we need some help to upload the h5p library by ourselvf.

We need the help from offical, thank you in advanced.

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Hi zterry,

I'm not sure I follow what you need. Are you using one of the supported frameworks (Drupal, Moodle or Wordpress)? What exactly are you having problems with?


I have been trying to find the download button as well. Where can I find this? I have a few h5p activities that require specific versions of some H5P libraries, and I need to pull these manually.