Can't see "reuse," "rights of use," and "embed" in Blackboard


I recently created a shared space in Blackboard for where other teachers in my department can share their H5P creations and view activities developed by others.  In my Blackboard account, I can see "reuse," "rights of use," and "embed" at the bottom of one of my activities, but when my colleages access the space through their Blackboard account, they can't see  "reuse," "rights of use," and "embed" at the bottom of the same activity.  Do you know why this is or how to fix this?

Here's an example of one of the activities:

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Do you know if they see it when they visit the link you posted or is it only inside Blackboard it's missing?
Please note that not all users will have permission to some operations like reuse, download or copy using the default settings.