Release notes for the PHP libraries


I was wondering if there exists any documentation/release notes regarding the changes in the different versions of the PHP libraries(Core and Editor)? New functions, deprecated functions etc.

My company is currently using version 1.11 but want's to update to 1.12(from


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Hi Tim.

Thank you for your respond.

I was thinking of a more technical release note.
The thing is that we implement our own version of the FrameworkInterface and use some of the public functions in H5PCore. But in version 1.12 at least one function is removed. I was interessted in knowing if there are more functions that has been removed or marked as deprecated. Not only in this version but also in future releases as well.


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Hi Thomas, the next releases will have much more detailed explanations of the functions that have been removed and/or deprecated. If you are familiar with git, all the commits in the previous release (1.11 to 1.12) lie between this commit:

and this one:

There shouldn't be any more functions that have been added or deprecated than what is found in the table, but feel free to check the commits as well. The Core Team will also be much more detailed in future write ups of releases between versions.