Branching scenarios flow


I'm currently testing the H5p plugin in wordpress and I am impressed about how relevant it might be for my prototype.

I am trying to build and work out a flow which results in a custom result page at the end. (topic: brain diagnostics).

However in the branching scenarios I can't manage to find a way to go from two answers followed by one question again. It seems to keep keep branching. In my case I want to start with some simple questions whom have no impact in the end result. Afterwards i do want to branch up until a conclusion.

What do you guys suggest I do in this case?


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Hi FedorG,

If I'm not mistaken you would like to have a scenario wherein the branching does not actually "branch" but instead some of it would be linear. If this is the case, in the "Branching Question" you can delete one of the alternatives. I have a crude sample here, feel free to download it and upload it to your account so that you can check the settings.


Yes that did the trick. Thanks a lot for your quick response!