After not approving access to the H5P Hub, can one reverse that decision?

Hi there,

I've searched the forum for answers to this question and didn't find anything on point. I apologize in advance if it's been covered elsewhere.

My question is related to installing H5P, specifically on WordPress. There's no issue to solve here and no immediate problem. I'm just wondering if I'm missing something.

After the H5P WordPress plugin is installed and the user clicks "Add New", the screen asking for approval to view the H5P Hub appears. Let's say a user clicks "I disapprove" and then changes their mind, wanting to use the Hub instead of the "upload only" mode they are in after clicking "I disapprove".

The question: is there any way for them to "back out" and grant access to the Hub at that point? Or does one need to delete the plugin and start from scratch?

I went through this process just to see what would happen and can't see a way to install the Hub once in the "upload only" mode.

IMO, it's fine if there isn't a way. These are the consequences of clicking "I disapprove". I'm just wondering if I'm missing something.

Thanks for any light you can shine on the question! :-)

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Hi Grant,

Don't worry you can enable/disable this. To do this you can go to Settings->H5P in there you will the option to enable/disable the Hub.