true/false deadlock with autocheck=false


I have a questionset within which I want to use a true/false question. The user behaviour that I want to force is the following:

1. (optional) answer the question
2. Check answer
3. Go to next question or finish the questionset

So in my case the autocheck behaviour is disabled (false). Now the problem:

If the user decides not to answer the question (neither true nor false), and clicks the "CheckAnswer"-button, he gets stuck in the situation where he can't finish the questionset because he has no more option to interact with the quiz.

I want to have this behaviour:

If one clicks the "CheckAnswer"-button, the "Next"button is being made visible. I tried several ways like adding self.triggerXAPI('interacted'); once the "CheckAnswer"-button is clicked but they all didn't work. The true/false-quiz seems do do some state-dependend things that I didn't find to modify.

Perhaps the author of this library has a glue of how to solve this.

Thanks in advance!

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In the current implementation, I think you have to choose between showing the retry button or using Automatically check answer.