Installation Methods

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Hi there. Just found H5P. This thing is awesome! I'm researching learning object creation methods for school boards in Ontario Canada. This one looks very promising. My only concern is that we don't use any of the CMS's listed and embedding isn't necessarily the best option for us as some school boards have settings that may block embedded content. 

Since there's so many different LMS's out there, (We use D2L) are there plans to make some sort of generic installable HTML5 object? I don't mind having to edit it on the H5P site and then reupload the changes. I guess I'm wondering if there's an option to use it more like the old flash objects that were a single contained file. 



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Thank you for the positive feedback.

The long term plan is to make all publishing systems in the world have an H5P plugin and thus be H5P enabled. In the short term there will be HTML5 exports yes, and also the LTI option. I believe D2L has LTI support, and we're working on funding now to get LTI up and running in december.