Recommended or Max Limit of Interactive Videos in ONE Moodle Course?

As the subject line implies, is there a maximum, or recommended limit, to the number of Interactive Videos (IV's) used in ONE Moodle course?

Situation: We (read that as "I") need to convert about 30-40 old Camtasia-based course lectures, to something that does not use Flash.  The old Camtasia versions of these lectures had navigation hotspots within them, so a solution that allows that fuctiionality to be retained is sought.  The old versions were done before it was decided to deprecate Flash web-wide  One solution that we could go with is Camtasia again, rendering solely to HTML5-based players this, but that would be a lot of work, and reliniking everything back into the course will be a slog. 

A possible solution is using H5P Interactive Videos (because... hotspots... H5P gives us the same functionality as Camtasia in this case).  But before embarking on that path, I'd like an opinion from the community on the feasibility of placing that many Interactive Video players into ONE Moodle course.

The source videos would probably be linked into each Interactive Video app from Youtube (or maybe even our own old streaming server), so as to avoid large video files within the course and subsequent Moodle backup files.  Additionally, the lecture videos would not be graded--but that still a lot of links to the course gradebook nonetheless.  

Is something on this scale been attempted by others before?  If so, is it workable?  What are the potential breaking points if I tried this?  (it's also a lot of work to try using H5P for this, but the old videos would be uploaded to Youtube and linked back into the IV app-- much less work than with Camtasia.  But I don't want to embark on this "solution" if it'll be a waste of time because it chokes Moodle or the H5P plugin.).  It would probably work with a smaller number of IV's, but 30-40 IVs in one course concerns me.

Thanks in advance for opinions.  



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There's a company in Germany (https://oncampus. de) that's using tons of Interactive Videos using H5P within moodle courses while hosting the videos on YouTube. Seems to work very well for them.



Hi Oliver,

Thanks for the response!   Given this info, I think I have enough time to set up a Moodle sandbox and attempt it to see how it goes.  

Much appreciated