Uploading content from old H5P plugin version in Moodle to latest version in Wordpress


I have created many content types to teach Spanish using the H5P plugin for my own Wordpress site. The university where I work has asked me to create an online course using its learning management system Moodle. I thought it was great that I could just re-use my already built H5P activities by uploading them to the university Moodle but whenever I tried to upload it gives me a file error. You can see the screenshot below. 

Validating h5p package failed.

Invalid data provided for license in h5p.json

The main h5p.json file is not validGet help

A valid main h5p.json file is missingGet help

I have worked out that the reason for this error is because the H5P plugin that the university uses is an older version than the plugin I use for my Wordpress website.  If this is not a problem hopefully asking the Moodle administrator to update the H5P plugin to its latest version will allow me to upload my H5P Wordpress created files to the Moodle site. But I just wanted to double check with you if uploading H5P files created in with the WordPress plugin can be uploaded to the Moodle.

Also, I wanted to ask you, if I create an H5P activity with the Moodle site in my university (which uses an old version of the plugin), can I download and upload this file to my Wordpress site, even if my Wordpress site H5P plugin is using the latest upgrade of the plugin, or would this also give a file error?

Thanks for your help!


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Hi Nuria,

Yes you can upload an H5P content from one platform to the other.

For the other question you can this and the Wordpress will force the uploaded content to use the newer libraries installed in it.