Ruby on Rails integration


Just wondering if there has been any work done with making H5P work with other languages beyond PHP and beyond a CMS such as drupal, wordpress or Joomla? 

We are currently considering developing a plugin for our Moodle site that will enable us to expose the questions in a web app separate from the LMS environment which will enable a much smoother mobile experience and enable short burst learning.

However, another option we are looking at is perhaps creating a Ruby app that is LTI compliant and I was wondering if there has been any work at leveraging the H5P content authoring tools into a Ruby app? One of the reason we are looking at Ruby is that there already a working LTI Gem.

Failing work having already been done on this where might I hop into H5P to see how I might get this working? 


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There are unofficial H5P plugins for other H5P platforms, and work in progress for Moodle as well but there is no ETA for it. We haven't created H5P for any new languages yet, but it has been designed and planned for it. There is no PHP code in the content types, the content upgrade is even implemented with javascript and most of the editor so we've tried to have a minimum of PHP code.

I hope you'll do an update on which path you decide to follow.