Where does the H5P community learn about e-learning?

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Hi everyone, 

I'm trying to spread the word about H5P. Which websites do you visit to learn more about e-learning? Is information spread via newsletters/blogs/word of mouth?

Looking forward to your responses,


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Barbara Oakley teaches a Learning How to Learn course on Coursera. It's their most popular course. She sends a newsletter out to her fans/former students (myself included) every Friday. You could maybe try contacting her through her website - or via @barbaraoakley, but her last tweet was January 29. She's a super-busy connection machine. You might not even be able to handle the deluge if you get into her newsletter.

Per wikipedia entry: Oakley has co-created (with Professor Terry Sejnowski, a neuroscientist) and teaches Learning How to Learn: Powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjects, a MOOC offered on Coursera. The course had its first three runs in August and October 2014 and January 2015, respectively, when it attracted approximately 300,000 students in total. It is now available in on-demand format. A total of about 1.2 million students have enrolled as of December 2015.

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Per her website:

Now, more than a decade later, I am continuing my mission to examine how learning works, apply it in the real world, and transform education. My current initiatives include disseminating research about retrieval practice, publishing findings from cognitive science, facilitating professional development workshops, and collaborating with numerous organizations worldwide.

Agarwal is a former student, and close associate, of Henry Roediger, Professor at WUSL, himself a current close associate and former student of Endel Tulving (at Yale (in the 70's)), and co-author of Make It Stick. For a (relatively) quick overview of Roediger's Bleeding Edge, he gave an excellent talk at both Montana State University and Michigan State University.


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Last time I checked, less than a year ago, Lynda.com still had no retrieval testing. So crazy. There's such a HUGE difference between getting knowledge into Sensory Memory and getting it into Long Term Memory.

No idea how you'd get a foot in the door there, but I'll bet your LinkedIn profile could come up with just one degree of separation in seconds flat.

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Thanks for this :)

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I found this article some years ago from Martin Dougiamas...and became hooked with Moodle..and his philosophy...