Audio Recorder Improvement

The audio recorder is an excellent tool to help my students learn Chinese.  But it has one extra (useless) step: after clicking "Retry", a new image pops up asking if you want to save the previous ... even though the user could have saved it on the first screen if they wanted to.  You might think this is a silly request, but my students are using this tool to improve their pronunciation.  The quicker they can cycle between listening and speaking the more effective the tool will be.  

If you guys don't want to change it, is it possible for me to modify it?


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Hi mirgcire,

Changes in contents by the core team usually takes some time since they have a schedule to follow. If you have coding experience or have access to a developer you can make the changes yourself since H5P is open source. You can check these documentation for more details in making changes to the code.